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Read from bottom up to understand.  We will work on putting the dates in when I return.  Time is of the importance.  December 31 2010, 1:52pm

Inmate Needs

November 16, 11 November 17, 2011


RE:  Terry Kline v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, as represented by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Tribunal # 2009-04447-I


Dear Ms. Joseph


First, can I have you understand that I am not always in a position to address legal matters or office situations in correspondence, as this is not my employment.  I am almost in shock with how quickly you responded.  Please understand it is a complex matter for me to address in a clerical form.  Although I shouldn’t be in shock as this is your employment and you have all the means. 


I am a little confused as the matter was to proceed on November 22 2011.  I am a little bit surprised. As you are aware, I have informed you that I had no plans to add any more documentation or witnesses. However, should the adjudicator grant an adjournment I may be calling various witnesses.  Permission to do so, or direction as to how to do so, may infringe on issues of contacting various persons whom are at times, or at that particular time, inmates in the correctional facility that had witnessed the incident and procedures.  At this particular time, I can think of two or three witnesses I may wish to call, and I need to know the procedures to do so, please.


You have all the records that I may be requesting with the exception that I would be requesting documentation of reports or statements of my collapse on the morning of the 21st day of April from the code alert on rounds of morning cleanup between 8am and 9am when I was taken to the infirmary from upstairs to downstairs.  I was led to believe it was a doctor that I saw, while sitting in the wheelchair that I had been taken there in.  


Due to the fact that I have just addressed in part, the criminal accusations pertaining to this matter but have been waiting to address the Privacy Commission as well as to request the attention of civil litigation, my mind has been distracted by also addressing the balance of ongoing matters between the city and this matter, to my understanding is a Human Rights issue.  I am really at quite a disadvantage due to the fact that this, as I have explained, is not my profession. 


I am truly at a loss as to where more time would be necessary for you to prepare or for anyone to prepare when it is you and your clients that hold all the records.  I am merely an average person arguing the fact that my life was totally in the hands of my keeper.  I might add, I was told on my admittance, as well from the transporting officers and medical records that would have been forwarded as I was being transferred from Victoria hospital to EMDC and all those records would have been at their disposal after a widely covered news event covered on all forms of local media after my altercation.


I am at a loss as to how to request these records though you are now bringing it to my attention. I have now received and paid for my personal medical records though it has been an issue that has been brought to the attention of the Privacy Commission that the information was insecure and incorrect and were detrimental, at the same time, totally unfounded and totally argumentative, and if given the chance I can expose the negligence as well as being very unprofessional.  It seems to be a great deal of “which came first, the chicken or the egg” scenario. 


It has left a bad taste in my mouth, as to the process and the timing in all these matters, the layering of these matters as well, the timing of each matter seems to have bearing on each other.  This only adds to the frustration of getting to the bottom of what clearly has now come full circle, as I am now before the courts again arguing the very principle that has led to this matter at hand.  The very substance that was requested was an understanding our request for a tribunal hearing or a hearing before a judicial board and the reluctance of the city of London to acknowledge two peoples disabilities compounded also by the fact that 2(b) Canadian Charter of Rights was totally being ignored.  Subsequently, a reluctant decision was given by me to plea to something I did not agree was in the best interest of myself but did so to save other’s mounting stress. 


But in this particular matter, due to the fact of the sheer fear of having to be subjected to the same treatment, and having my defence lawyer make claims that the system does not care, the bottom line is the matter before the courts.  I have a reluctance to deal with the shortcomings of what I see are pertinent to not only myself, but other potentially disabled persons that enter into the EMDC when the lives of others rest in the balance of what I see is unfair and unjust torture to the disabled or any person in care, or in need of medical treatment while in custody.  I often express openly that although I am not an intellectual person,  but I have been raised by a less fortunate single parent who said that we have to speak up when we see injustices for those who are unable to speak for themselves.


In the criminal matter, I think it was referred to an 11(b) situation.  Due to the fact that this matter has taken over two and a half years to be brought to the table, the importance that someone elses life may hang in the balance to seek a remedy to the fact of withdrawal, treatment and the severity of the damages that is known to the medical community and the knowledge that when someone is not given a prescription, be it narcotic or any prescribed medication it is not something the public in general are able to obtain.  Although, there are subsequent dangers that if not administered properly, its effects or absence can be detrimental to ones personal health, physical or mental state.                


It is on these principles, that time is of the essence. Understanding the pain and discomfort as well as the physical and mental side effects along with the absolute feeling of abandonment that takes over the mental state of ones mind.  I thank God that I barely managed to hold my own but are fully aware this had grave consequences similar to the severity of one who has an allergic reaction -  each encounter becomes more severe.  Those that are less fortunate, or have a weaker state of mind unfortunately, are left unable to defend themselves and at some point someones life will be affected by this lack of compassion when it has been brought to my attention that this is not the policy in all institutions across Canada.  It seems that the EMDC stands almost alone in the decision not to allow inmates to have access to all the medications prescribed to them be it narcotics or not. 


I am unsure how it is that inmates are persecuted and somehow lose all their rights only on the grounds of where they may be confined in a detention centre.  Having gone through the experience, and the various displacements while being an inmate at the EMDC, I have been asking for understanding when there is places in the facility that could house ailing inmates.  I beg for some understanding for the simple reason that cancer, cardiac and terminally ill patients pass through the judicial system on remand be it founded or unfounded but if this is not resolved in this matter, I see that I will come forth again, should there be a loss of life to the negligence of the limitations of medications that an inmate may fall subsequently to the reluctance to supply the inmate with medications that were prescribed or should be prescribed while in custody.


I was kind of interested in moving matters as quickly as possible.  I am willing to confirm that you are requesting an adjournment, however I am unsure at the present time if an adjournment is in the best interest to yourself, to be honest. Hoping, in saying what I’ve said in good conscience, though I’m not a well-versed person in the legal system, I am clouded with all of the other issues of life.  I am sure that you act on behalf of your client.  I am considering the fact that given more time, I may better represent or have representatives take on this issue that may better equip and serve the public or the less fortunate that not receiving a prescription could be detrimental to one’s health, or even worse, could be potentially fatal to someone else. 


For anyone that would consider this adjournment, the representatives of the parties are requesting the adjournment are those whom have access to all the potential records necessary for this matter, with the exception of my own.  I am speaking solely, for myself.  I have a less-than grade 8 education, although I was tested and accepted into college, with no upgrading necessary.  No one else’s input is included, except for some grammatical input as I slowly dictate my personal thoughts.  I state this, and at the same time, post this at http://www.wefix.ca for any others to advise me.


The video would also be considered evidence, as this was the only thing I was treated for.  Though 3 days of news coverage somewhat, I feel, was prejudicial of the EMDC’s handling of my situation and should also be entered in as evidence.  Though it was front page in the newspaper, as well as radio and t.v. accounted, over three days gracefully moved to “city and district”.



Terry Kline aka sUn aka Inmate Sunshine 1593 in 1984

Sun@wefix.ca, dawn@wefix.ca, info@lawinspector.com, borneasy@hotmail.com


P.S.  I have requested that you forward this matter to whom this matter is being addressed.  I am hoping full disclosure of the reasons is not just being highlighted but the complete correspondence is being encapsulated for a true explanation the matter at hand.

December 31 2010, As yet no reply to this letter from Human Rights. 

December 20 2010 10:15am

Excuse me Mr. Hennessy, this in fact was what I don't understand.  I thought I explained myself very clearly in a long, thought out letter dated December 17, 2010 that I felt unguarded, undefended and that it isn't just for myself in a private issue much like a private phone call, this, I believe is a public matter as I know it is not just myself that suffers should others not hear what is taking place.

I do not understand how it is that you can tell me what my rights are or that my letter indicated any such comfort or willingness to participate in a private telephone conversation, not part of a public record when I feel that this puts others' lives at risk and is detrimental to their health also.  I am wishing to move forward with the actions I have taken and will now have to seek legal advice today as this does not seem like a resolution to myself but a diversion in a demeaning manner and possibly my own ignorance of the process to expose the fact that if this was happening in any other country that persons in medical need were being denied medications for what ever reasons while in trust and in care of another human being, we as Canadians and humans would be outraged and would make efforts to intervene in whatever country or whatever situation.

So I will forward these letters to others to see if I can get some clarification as to what is taking place today between ourselves and this process.

Thank you,

Terry Kline

P.S.  Please let me be clear I am not discarding this matter.

Dear Mr. Kline

Thank you for your email below.  Just to clarify, it appears that you
are indicating that you are willing to participate in mediation by
Conference Call on Monday, December 20, 2010.  Is this correct?  Will
you participate?  If so, the Tribunal will provide you with the
information required to connect with the call.


Richard Hennessy
Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

December 17, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been informed by a recent phone call to myself at my residence
on December 17, 2010 regarding the recent application of myself to
deal with Kline vs. EMDC in a matter that the EMDC restricted or did
not allow me my prescribed medications as I was being held at the
Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre.  This matter was brought to the
attention of the Human Rights Commission and I am waiting to appear
before the courts to explain that this was primarily torture set on
to myself by the administration and staff of the EMDC who were fully
informed of my need of medication while waiting in custody for a bail
hearing between April 20 2009 and May 4 2009.

On or about December of that year I filed complaints with the Privacy
Commission and the Human Rights Commission.  My lack of knowledge in
the handling of either of these matters and the continuous harassment
that I have received throughout the period prior to and since lodging
complaints has left myself feeling intimidated, scared, demoralized
and often panic stricken unable to deal with day to day
communication, afraid to even pick up the phone or open my mail.
Leaving myself seeking remedies to understand the lack of compassion
or the inability to be guarded by our Canadian fundamental rights and
freedoms in our charter of rights and freedoms in Canada.  Somehow
there seems to be a lack of understanding between not only innocent
until proven guilty or even more simple that as a human we still have
rights even after a charge is laid.  Having said that, where is it
that we are stripped of our rights of medication only by the
discretion of only being charged?

For the reasons I have laid out here and for the fact I am able to
speak for myself in what I see as injustice I am speaking up for
those who I feel may be treated unfairly in the practices I have now
experienced.  I feel that this matter is not a private matter but in
fact, is a public matter and therefore as much as I wish to
participate in what I am told is a mediation conference call, I
cannot help but feel unguarded, undefended and am requesting that the
matter be held in a public forum for those who are like myself,
unrepresented at this time.

Therefore I am requesting to be informed of how to participate in a
challenge of our fundamental rights.  Because I feel that this matter
is not just for myself I believe that this is a public injustice and
those who are unable to speak up for themselves need to be spoken for
on behalf of someone so I am asking for assistance as I am the
plaintiff but feel more like the defendant.  Please inform me or
someone who assists me at info@lawinspector.com or dawn@lawinspector.com.

Thank you,

Terry Kline

Black Friday

Not knowing what to care about any longer, it was almost my life April 20th 2009 standing up to what was wrong.  The city came to the residence at 730 Lorne Ave to take what they deemed as trash.  The odd thing about it all was it was the articles that we had purchased at Habitat for humanity and Gardener Actions.

I am not launching a war, I am trying to defend myself and others from extreme measure that are being pushed on us.  These relentless efforts may cost a loved one her life do we have to take this as a family, what do have to do to get your attention?  This is truly sad. 

Where do we start? I’ve tried to conceal part of my life because of an honest mistake that was made August 10th 1984.  It was life threatening, being mistaken for a killer.  The system slowly clarified the mistake, but publicly left my life in turmoil.  In order that it never happen again, I changed my ways and stayed concealed while I attempted to write and guide the less fortunate and naïve in preventative maintenance existence until unfortunately, I had to expose myself publicly on April 20th, 2009, when the boundaries of my privacy were invaded. Before this, I managed to live a peaceful, credible existence, until my health failed, my finances depleted and the safeguard of my identity collapsed. 

On April 20th, 2009 a police officer overextended their boundaries, and entered the privacy of mine.  Only moments before, another officer prevented medical care to another, as he was unaware of the situation.   What had started out as a bi laws expropriation of property and accompaniment of police officers to keep the peace was suddenly escalating to a cordon of mine and others lives.  The officer was unaware of the medical and mental distress a person on the interior was facing, and that I had made a 911 call for assistance on behalf of this person, and was being told on my arrival that they had turned away medical assistance. They had needed hospitalization only days previous.

 Every known cry for assistance had been previously asked of Human Rights through to MPs, MPPs, and police forces, and yet no hearing, or tribunal hearing was allotted prior to this expropriation of the premises of the inhabitants at 730 Lorne Ave. 

While the undesirable premises had been purchased in 2004 at approximately 1/3rd of the market value because of it’s uninhabitable conditions.  The previous occupants had given up all hope, apparently harassed to the point that their family was torn apart until they had to sell it.

Without a continuous source of revenue or means of alternative shelter, a combined effort to maintain and restore from auctions and Habitat For Humanity articles, the property now is habitable.  The interior is of what many would call a dream-home: replaced windows, refinished pine floors and trims, stain-less kitchen, glass block, textured and orange-peeled ceilings and rounded bulkheads are some of the improvements.  However, none of these are any of the viewed perspectives that others see except for close friends. Not to mention, the fact that the occupants lived without even the luxuries of a furnace, cable, or satellite for 5 years, scrimping and saving and trying to get by, only to have others place obstacles of harassment of our external appearance.  Even though gardens and shrubbery were placed in to appease others.  Signs were placed to inform others that the property was under construction.  The concealed, unhappy neighbor launched attacks through bi law infractions, while redirecting blame on others and by agitating and complaining about others at the same time, while an unpermitted temple functioned in a residential area and others built sheds and garages and bomb shelters, without permits, while the occupants at 730 Lorne Ave tried to put their lives in order, with a building permit and heritage boundaries now added to the restrictions in the already mounting pressures to exist. While the city secretly revokes the permit at 730 Lorne ave to add to the pressures and justify their means of removing construction materials, tools and trailers that were being used to restore the property. Thus, turning each neighbor against each other.

I beg for some assistance, some understanding, and someone to see that this is wrong.  Come see for yourself, let me show you the pictures of the progress.  Someone has to be able to stop them from taking her stuff again.  

At this time, we are disabled for different reasons.  Finances have been limited and these attacks are counter-productive.  For example: the articles that were removed were, in my opinion, removed to prevent progress and a complete, honest list has not been provided, though requested.  Although, people’s words are not as credible as pictures.  What has been done, and concealed from others, only to have such proof so that there is no doubt to the truth that I speak: there is digital surveillance recording, both visual and audio.  Prior to the city taking the articles, a digitally photograph inventory of the articles and the property’s condition has been well documented.  Because what was called a “stand-off” took place, the “two wrongs don’t make a right” principle may only highlight the fact that this is wrong.  Someone has to listen, we are poor, and do not have the avenues or the knowledge to confront the facts.  We are looking for advice and legal assistance to prevent what some city official is mounting once again to attack.  Should you listen, I can provide and point out that there is something terribly wrong when, without a hearing come and take the articles we purchase.  Without a hearing, they can flash a badge, much like a credit card, and come like they did on Black Friday and this time photograph what we have removed from the house, as well as tool trailers to put in to order what we have been unable to do because of the disarray that has been caused from the removal of articles off the property in the last expropriation that was unnecessary.

  Let me tell you that it’s so hard to explain, in the countless letters like this that I have written, to try to explain much like an artist’s canvas is empty, it has to be completed to become anything.  It was explained on this last appearance that this is much like having your pants down and begging for time to pull them up. 

At this time, I am asking, “Do you think anyone will understand this time? Will anyone listen?” And what I am told by the persons in the room listening to this is, “It didn’t help the last time.” Others say that we are a complacent society, too busy to care about others.  Can you help? Can you give me an email address, a lawyer, some information to prevent them from doing this again? Why is this happening? Is this a vindictive person hiding behind a non-fiction character? 

The children were pulled out of their schools on Thursday to deal with the fact the city was attacking once again.  We needed their assistance once again to look for paper work hidden by those who searched this property.  They went as far as to hide Dawn’s high blood pressure medications etc… Thus, the next letter. When is enough, enough?



                                                      When is enough, enough?

 Ok, when is enough, enough?

 People ask me, “Why are they doing this to you people?”  In my head, I have many reasons and have to wonder: how they are getting away with it?  I spend many hours pondering.  Freedom of expression and the basic of the right of enjoyment of our own property are Fundamental Rights guaranteed in our Canadian Constitution, yet we are being trampled on by our neighbors and the City’s bi-law enforcement who come and take from us the tools, materials and shelter we have to build and design our home that welcomes many. 

We are artists in this home. The one thing we pride ourselves on is our ability to perceive what something will look like before it is finished.  An artist works with canvas, applying a medium until it becomes what it is for interpretation.

In the bible, Moses asks of those whom were imprisoned, those he called “his people” to make bricks for the temples with out straw and mortar, and here I ask: How can she be expected to build her home without the materials to repair and maintain it, with the exorbitant fees that they keep taking from her and her children such as the mislead figure told to the public, as well as claims that we would get our stuff back.  Instead, we paid heavy ransom to get some of the articles back.  They had a judge rule, I personally wasn’t to contact the bi-laws people who took our articles, knowing full-well they had turned each of us against each other in blame. 

While the owner remortgaged the house to buy the necessities to work on the house, to get a furnace, upgrade the electrical, paid the ransom to get my truck with tools and some of my other tools back. Most of the other tools and materials were never explained there whereabouts, nor did we get them back.  They were evasive in their letter of her request of what was taken.  Though we have photos of most of the missing articles, with the exception of the furnace that they took.  The cost to do their so-called “last clean-up” was taken immediately out of her account on remortgaging, something I want you to be aware of.  This is the City of London.  They have the records of properties, renewals, tax bases, incomes, and health.  They control utilities and services, such as bi-law and law enforcement.  We are only a broken down family afraid of their power and what they have taken from us.  They burdened her with the additional $10, 000 she took out to work on her house.  How is she to get ahead if they can go in her account and take her money?  Come onto her property and take her articles? If the only place you are safe is inside your house, they have shown us, you are not even safe there.  This is Canada. Or, is this just our city?  All I have is video, digital voice recordings and photos to prove our claims.  We haven’t the time, while they are back again to take from us. What would you do in our position? It’s happening again. 

This is going to be posted on the website, along with letters and photos and recordings until we are able to get someone to assist us with getting this into court.  We will be in contact, inform others and all the political parties, those in the military, friends that we may share this with, lawyers that will listen, media that will possibly see where this is news-worthy.  I beg this, before someone loses more than just the property or the principle.  I pray it isn’t one of our lives.

They come and take all her belongings from her that are on the exterior of her home, much like the thieves that she has guarded her property of, by placing cameras on it’s perimeter.  Some of these cameras have caught the City’s activity around our household.  We will use things like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to show you. 

The city flashes badges, deems what they say is not permitted, “trash”, even though she just purchased it, or placed it neatly on her property. Tarped out of sight, as advised by a bi-law officer when a transport truck used to move in, was ordered off the property, the very start of this nightmare. Now, what remains is only to be seen by a bird’s eye view, planes, satellites or maybe one or two people may view it over the 6foot fence from second floor balconies when all the hedges, bushes and trees died.  Just before it is covered with winters cold snow that leaves us, whom suffer with pain from our disabilities that have us off of work, physical limits mount compounded with additional difficulties such as arthritis, thus an increase of medications.   We are further tortured.

  I suffer from meniscus tears in both knees, unable to even wear trade shoes due to the pain it causes. Instead, I am forced to discard my cane, heavily medicate myself and burden my body with protective clothing to battle the elements.  It’s weight alone causes excruciating pain, thus the never-ending circle of medications.  Tormented not by it’s beauty but by our own city officials forcing us like the last time.  While those who complain, snuggled up in the comfort of their home, their children all grown up, now they scoff and glee with cheer that we have our children, that went without a furnace here for five years.  Each year we worried that they would be taken if they weren’t in school or play, but to work: lifting, pushing in the cold rain or removing frozen ground, to force into their shed, truck or beneath their home that they try assist building, while others play, they assist their crippled parent work while their other parent, knowing their physical limits, unable to help, sit and cry all day.

They were told their bikes were too many, their lawnmowers couldn’t stay, their exercise equipment wasn’t allowed out side.  If all wasn’t dealt with, it would all be taken away.  Unless we could put it all away, they told others this was the law, and places like this cause rodents.   Yet the things they took were of value, new and used construction materials.  LINK They only answered when we asked of an Itemized list of things taken away.

Now, this Black Friday they have come again for their New Years shopping list and again they will take from here, to their homes and their friends.  To make us pay ransom again, on what they legally can’t keep until we default or give up in defeat.  This time they listed things to take, that they left behind the last time.  This time only, they photographed the property.  Before they told us they were coming through, we requested they come back on the Monday, because we had two friends here that could witness the fact.  They were assisting us, and moving things out of the house to work on the interior. “Dave & Colleen”

Why is this?  To prove these statements I will have to review all of my photos that I have had to hide on hard drives to prove my point. Over 10g of photographs have had to be hidden, hoping to have a day in court.  They know we are poor people, but they keep attacking, and taking from us, hiding from us the things that we need to prove we are telling the truth.  They can threaten us with slander, but we are telling the truth.  We will prove it.  If they haven’t taken or hidden, or attacking what we are saying or if they don’t take our lives, by burdening our stress. They keep attacking, before I have had a day in court. We need time to prove it before they take everything again.  They seem to be shopping at their convenience, we buy articles when the price is affordable. LETTER COPY

The whole house was taken and tossed up side down not just once, but twice.   Once, when I stood my ground to the lack of support and listening.  Also, when they tried to enter our home without warrant. Since then, we have had people work along side of us only to have the police come here several times.  On a couple of occasions, for construction noises: four cruisers at a time.  The taxpayers pay for this, while they try and make us look bad to neighbors who don’t know us, acting only as I am a threat to live beside, or around them.

We have kept film clipping of the times they have come (that we are aware of.)  As we cowered in our home, wondering what is next bi-laws or search warrants that go unfounded.  Besides what I have told them would be found, they have entered the house twice now tossing every part of the house, breaking and taking articles as well, they have went as far as to hide notes, made documentations supporting claims and the last time they entered our home security safe were private documentations kept.  They went through everything including children’s articles, clothing, and toys. They tossed beds and bedding.  It was truly unnecessary to subject this family like criminals.  Is this becoming a policed state?  Is this the freedom that we are sending to gain in other countries?               

At this time, they have a letter dated, dropped off by hand at 11:16:07am on 12/1/10 our mailman steps onto our property.  While he drops the mail at 11:16:14 a city car is seen pulling up.  Before the mailman leaves, the passenger’s door of the city car personnel walks up to our residence by 11:16:40 SHE IS WALKING WHILE THE OTHER PERSON DRIVES UP, BLOCKING THE DRIVE WAY, SHE PLACES THE MAIL IN THE MAIL BOX AT 11:16:49 AND LEAVES. THE PERSON IN THE VEHICLE PULLS UP MORE SO  , BY 11:16:59 SHE IS GETTING INTO HER CHAUFFER DRIVEN WHITE VEHICLE.  THE POINT BEING AS TAXPAYERS, JUST THE SAME AS LAST TIME, THEY ARE WASTING TAXPAYERS DOLLARS.  THEY DO NOT EVEN TRUST OUR OWN MAIL DELIVERERS.  HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO DRIVE THAT CAR WITH TWO PERSONS, VERSUS A STAMP ON A MAILED LETTER? I ASK YOU WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?  WE WILL PUT THE TAPE UP FROM 11:17:06               Post

What scares the hell out of me, for example is if you look at the property and know that it was being attacked by the city, from what I suspect was the same person previous to the sale, a sale I should add that was interesting.  It was interesting in the dilemma that the realtor, even though a For Sale sign was out on the front, did not want to show the property until he was threatened that he would be reported to the Real Estate Board if not shown to her, because she was an interested purchaser whom would become a homeless family if not allotted the avenue to put a bid in.  The interesting thing about the property, as we will post – a link from the city site, we are going to ask you to view from a satellite view from either the London Transit site, the City of London or google earth. The interesting thing was when the house was purchased, the rear yard’s grass was knee-high.  The interesting thing, in the views, as Dawn pointed out – was that all the yards were not being used.  On one particular day in the Spring, a satellite view is taken. We have pretty well narrowed it down in order to place in the last satellite photo, our crucifix asking for help.  We have one on the front lawn, equally as large so that it can be viewed by Streetscape or the passers by, whom now have read about the ordeal in the local newspaper.  Where others have commented on other sites to try to discredit us, calling us white supremacists, this I see as spreading hatred. 

We are only asking for someone to hear our prayers that we stop coming under attack.  Can somebody help us, please?  Is there a political party? A social network? A government agency? A law firm? Somebody help us from being victims of the City of London, and who ever is behind it.  Hopefully our new mayor, can ask of his council what the hell is going on?  And they don’t just produce the last photos or when they took the garage or wall area down.  Due to the length of the property, Dawn had barbeque stations set on the property.  The city took her barbeques.  She has since replaced those barbeques, some have not even been used, like the last time, and are they now back to take all new?  Is there a law that says that you can’t have more than one barbeque?  Check out the length of this property.  You’re supposed to drag a barbeque around with you when you’re disabled?  The other thing they took was a portable toilet.  Small children are unable to make it to the washroom in time.  Along with those whom we have here who are disabled.  Yes, we have disabled friends.  Their wheel chairs don’t permit them to travel this distance without assistance and great difficulties.  But we are to explain everything, including the fence we have placed on the property, to keep the Great Dane out of the flower beds, or the area that is littered with glass that the previous owners compiled, and appears after every rain? Or is it being tossed there by our so-called passive neighbors that we sometimes find shards of glass on top of objects in our rear-yard?

  From this point, we will be sending a small letter out to members of the government forwarding to this letter, that may be posted on several websites.  Also, listing a variety of letters that have been and are being sent out.

                                               Letter to anyone who will listen

To Whom It May Concern,

 You are receiving this without prejudice, for whatever protection that allots.

I have written you in the past, you have not responded.  I have now made a posting that you have been contacted, along with who else has been written.  Therefore, if you have not wished to respond for whatever reason, others will at least know that you have been informed.  You may be able to comment on one or more of the avenues that you will now be directed to, to read what has been posted. It may be copies of those letters, or letters that you should be informed of.  Although, I would like to take this time to inform the most recent authors, I have been unable to address mail that has come to my attention via P.O. Box 191 Stn. B. London, Ontario N6A 4V6 or Office 730 Lorne Ave London, Ontario N5W 3K6, either for lack of payment, accessibility not permitted, or for mental health reasons regarding myself and others.  I have been unable to open mail addressed to myself until Sunday, December 5th, 2010.  Some of those letters are addressed from Human Rights, the Ministry of Attorney General, Carpenters Local 1946, and London Legal Services, my apologies.   Should they be a reply to the various requests of the letters written.  It has just been overwhelming with the situations in the balance.  I have been forced beyond my control not to expose my life, in order to protect others.

These opinions that have been expressed are of myself only and are not necessarily the viewpoints of those whom own or operate subsequent sites that these letters are posted.  These letters are being distributed and posted under the Freedom of Expression (2b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well, the Freedom of the Press.  I am asking for assistance for legal advice for myself and others whom have come under cordon by the City of London, and whom fear for their lives, their existence and the well-being of their loved ones.  Therefore, at this point, the e-mail addresses of the people or offices that we have tried to contact will be posted in accordance with this letter to, once again, inform you and others of the information that I wish to share with you and the public.  As apparently it is not shared with the public through the media on an equal balance if it is not seen as news-worthy.  Therefore, I feel that we are not receiving Freedom of the Press.  Having been the subject of matters surrounding the press on numerous occasions, and yet not been given the same opportunity to express oneself after being treated unfairly, humiliated and unjustifiably.  It is now being inflicted on others, so I am taking the initiative to speak on behalf of them, also. This letter will also be posted, as you may wish to check for updates on wefix.ca, directions also from Terry Kline at Twitter, Facebook and Hotmail accounts.


                                                                                   Terry Kline

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