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We are looking for donations.  We are a group of people who have an idealism to save the landfill space, and more realistic young minds, salvaging the youth in our neighbourhood, we are recognized as a community.  A community is a place where people work together.  Not like what we have experienced in the past, while we tried to better the lives of others, our neighbours and the city tore down our lives. This rose in a battle of our rights and Human Rights to hold onto our belongings, lead to with what they call a stand-off with the city and the police, at 730 Lorne Ave. We are once again, trying to emerge to do what we do.  We understand that it is not something for nothing.  What we have been doing in the past, we work with others, explaining electronics, design and construction.  In turn, some have received meals, beverages, and lodgings, as well PCs, clothing, furniture, etc.  We try to match people with needs for free.  With other’s kindness, it prevents us from doing what we had to do previously.  We would collect used articles to divide amongst the less privileged, at no charge.

Please understand one thing, if you knew where I came from, you would understand.  I was a child, and I understand poverty.  Personally, my sister and I ate dog food while living in the city of London, knowing we might not make it, silenced by the fact that we, and our younger siblings may be taken from our single parent.  One of five children, my mother defended us constantly.  I think in the lines of poverty, I can speak as an expert.  Therefore, I work with what I can to assist others from falling between the cracks of poverty. 

I have come to the conclusion, to address some major issues in our community, yet I come up against roadblocks.  So, once again we are going to attempt to assist the less fortunate.  Your donation, your act of kindness will in turn put a smile on a young child’s face.  I understand completely that this is not a world of “something for nothing”.  I will devise something to reward you with.  Receipts, acknowledgments, and some kind of bonus system will be put in place.  Previously, we were working by word-of-mouth.  This year, we are attempting to list it electronically, using the internet for mass marketing of the idealism of helping us help others.  At this time, I am asking you to understand what I personally know is happening, in some situations: poverty from a lack of education, mental illness, substance abuse, and mislead priorities, leave some parents limited to their finances, but like in most situations, unfortunately, it is the children that pay. 

What we try to do, is bridge an understanding with a parent and a child to understand that a world exists now a days with social interaction that is done through computing.  No child should be restricted from friendship that is as simple as communication.  Seeing that, and the benefits of computing, we try to work with the parents to understand that the priority, now a days, is the internet, knowledge, friendship, social interaction, medical and financial needs can all be at their fingertips.  No parent should feel alienated from any child.  At no time, should any parents feel less intelligent than their own child.

  I could go on and on, but we are trying to build computers for children in the area that are without.  We try to match the needs of those in our community.  Be it clothing, furniture or electronics.  We will redirect, recycle and rebuild young minds.  A special need for computer parts are needed at this time.  Another need is old home phones and cellular phones.  For computer and computer parts only, dial 519-435-2001, after, place your phone number in including area code, then punch in digits 77.  For all other items, dial 519-435-2001, the same number but install digits 66 after your phone number.

I’d like to thank you at this time, for the smile that you may put on a young person’s face, and assisting others learn skills and trades, along with an ability to interact in the community.  This is our mission statement.  Please go to our contact page to enter your information if you wish to donate.

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